Y2 Foundation for Future Education

Y2 Foundation for Future Education was founded in 2017 as the successor to Chen Chien-Chih Social Welfare Foundation, which was established in 2006.  In the first ten years, our focus was on the welfare of underprivileged children and the elderly; in the next ten, we aspire to create a better future for Taiwan through education.

Montessori philosophy serves as Y2’s starting point.  We aim for the integration of Montessori Method and public education and the advocacy for life-long learning.  Montessori Education Method is based on the belief that all human beings have the ability to self-learn and the natural tendency towards self-perfection.  This Method results from combining the understanding of human developmental needs, objective observation of each child, and respect for individuality.  Unlike in traditional education models, where teaching and learning are often at opposite poles, the Montessori Method stresses active participation of the child, teacher, and environment in the learning process.  By “following the child” and maintaining their innate drive to learn, the goal of Montessori education is to guide children to become independent, empathetic, and contributing members of society—those who will make a positive impact on the future of humanity.

Montessori Method is not the only solution to education of the future, but it is a time-tested approach that has inspired countless people across the world.  By incorporating Montessori Method into public education, we hope to make this education choice accessible for more children.  We hope to raise public awareness that learning is not just for children but a way of life.  Life-long learning is the key to sustainable development and cohesive existence of humankind.

Education should feed the natural human desire for knowledge and pursuit for better life. We believe that through continuous learning, curiosity about human existence, and creativity, everyone—regardless of age, social background, or race—can be the force to change the world!