our story

We are simply parents…a couple, who began exploring various education options in Taiwan and abroad for our own children.  

On this journey, we visit numerous educators and parents, realizing that there is no absolute right or wrong in different education methods.  It is just a matter of whether one is a better fit for the parents’ beliefs and the child’s learning needs.

To our delight, we notice the blossoming of a variety of education practices in Taiwan, which we believe, is a hopeful sign of open-mindedness in education and in our society.  Many school founders, educators, and parents are diligently working for the child and the future.  As their passion and perseverance so deeply inspire us, we realize the impact education diversity has upon our society—EDUCATION is the key to social CHANGE.

We decide, that we too, should contribute to this movement for education, for Taiwan, for the child, for the future.  On January 1, 2017, we founded the non-profit Y2 Foundation for Future Education.

As an innovative platform for synergy, Y2 supports the development and flourishing of alternative education methods…a hope for quality education for more children…an anticipation for the potential of the FUTURE.


Founders of Y2 Foundation for Future Education

Andy Chen

Cynthia Hang