Y2 Foundation for Future Education

Education Today = Our Tomorrow

Education is a reflection of the desire “to know” and seek for the better.  It is a never-ending pursuit that is uniquely human.  Education has evolved through the passage of time and evolution, becoming the cornerstone to social development.

Since the first industrial revolution in the 18th century, the advent of machines and manufacturing prompted the need for standardized compulsory education. Capitalism in  America and Europe represented advancement.  Together, these western civilizations dominated mainstream culture.

We are now at 21st century, where the fourth industrial revolution occurs.  Technology and the abundance of data breaks geographic boundaries, and human beings enter an era of information economy.  Technology has changed our lives in all ways, shapes, and form.  Education faces disruption.

Love of the Child & Power of Education

Y2’s co-founders experience the crossing between East and West, tradition and innovation in their own lives.  With exponential growth in technology, the designation of mainstream / alternative, East / West, and local / global are becoming more and more obscure.  Technology has shortened the physical distance between people and places, yet the harmonious co-existence of humans and the environment becomes even more essential.

With harmony between the human being, society, and the universe as our roots and with education diversity and quality education for all as our goal, we truly believe the actualization of a hopeful future is possible only if we begin with education.  

We aspire to align education with human nature and development needs, allowing each person to better understand him/herself.  We hope to balance individual interest with the cultivation of moral values and professional abilities, thus igniting the passion for life-long learning.  By empowering each individual to find his/her unique contribution to society, we wish everyone finds true joy.

Through education, a greater and better tomorrow awaits.