Asia’s First Research Project Dedicated to “Montessori Education in Practice”


Taipei, Taiwan – Y2 Foundation for Future Education (毅宇未來教育基金會Y2 Foundation; and National Chengchi University (國立政治大學) sign an agreement to join efforts under Montessori Program for Global Impact (MPGI). The cooperation supports the growth of quality alternative education and diverse education choice in Taiwan.  MPGI is Asia’s first project, which focuses on Montessori education in practice and functions under the three pillars of pedagogical research, professional teacher development, and lab school.  With Taiwanese cultural conceptualization and social progress at heart, MPGI aims to explore education methods to better prepare children for the future.

Since the passing of the groundbreaking Three-Type Acts of Experimental Education (實驗教育三法), first of its kind in Asia, the number of students participating in experimental education have increased 250 % from 5,331 to 13,336 in 2018.  As the demand for and development of alternative education multiply, ‘how to teach’ and ‘how to learn’ remain the focuses of much discussion and anticipation.

As University president, Edward H. Chow, expresses, “National Chengchi University is committed to inspire society and impact the world.  MPGI will promote a different type of education, one which nurtures future talents.”  Andy Chen, the co-founder of Y2 Foundation, is a high-tech entrepreneur, who has personally witnessed dramatic social change due to the exponential growth in technology, “We cannot predict what the future will like in 10 years’ time, but what we can do is prepare our future generation for it.  It is not the teaching of specific skills but to provide the key, which allows children to open the doors to the future, to be ready for whatever the future may hold.” 

“This key is to foster children to be proactive and independent life-long learners, who will become compassionate social-entrepreneurs to positively change the world,” adds Y2 Foundation’s Executive Director, Cynthia Hang.  Though dating back to the 19th century, Dr. Maria Montessori’s education philosophy, which focuses on meeting human developmental needs, igniting the inner motivation to learn, and contributing to society, is ever so relevant today.

Dr. Tung-Liao Cheng, MPGI’s Principal Investigator, denotes, “Montessori is a world-renowned pedagogy, which develops exceptional students globally. With the help of the experimental education policies, more and more Montessori elementary home study groups are available in Taiwan.  MPGI hopes to provide Montessori children a complete education path, supporting every child with the desire to learn.”

MPGI will integrate Montessori’s Western philosophies in Eastern cultural and social contexts through research, training, and implementation, developing methodologies fitting Taiwan’s education system.  Y2 Foundation will promote affordable Montessori education for all.  Outreaching via its global platform, Y2 Foundation hopes to share results of Taiwan’s alternative education and connect Taiwan to the world.

To learn more about MPGI, please contact:
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